Backstory:  The who, what and why of Pots & Pens

"All I want to do is write and cook.  And, basically, combine them both."
That was what Linda Morris set out to do after ending a lengthy stint as a writer within the corporate world.  Both the art of food and writing are full of emotion.  Dining is an experience that breeds stories, whether it's sitting down with good friends over a five course meal or weeping over a lost love while downing handfuls of french fries slathered in mayonnaise (don't judge).  Food has memory worth sharing and telling, writing is the vehicle for both.   Linda has loved the two since she can remember and wanted to figure out a way to share that love with everyone.  From that desire, Pots & Pens is born.
Based in her hometown of sunny (and drought ridden) Los Angeles, LInda is a bringer of food with soul, and stories that feed the heart.