A decadent brownie that reminds you of your childhood... An outrageous gumbo that sends you swooning... Creamy, Dreamy cheesecakes that scream heaven... Pots is the culinary counterpart to LInda Morris' literary side.  Each luscious delecacy comes with a unique bit of storytelling to tantalize your heart while satisfying your tummy. 
Indulge in a bit of deliciousness and relive or create a memory with these homemade treats.
A gentle "Yum" awaits.
Baked Treats
Whether it's sweet or savory,
these delectable bites
will transport your taste buds.
Experience a taste of vintage Americana in these lush, sweet-tart  drinking vinegars.  Perfect mixers to create a refreshing cocktail or non-alcoholic thirst quencher.
Pots Menu
Snickerdoodles -- $2 ea or $22 a dozen
Monster Chocolate Chunk Cookies --  $2.50 ea or $30 a dozen
Old Fashioned Shortbread Cookies -- $1 each or $12 a dozen
The Classiest Classic Brownie -- $2 ea
Dark Cocoa Brownies -- $3 ea
Caramel Brownies (with white or dark chocolate chunks) -- $3 ea
Cream Cheese Blondies -- $2.50 ea
Flourless Chocolate Bars -- $3.50 ea
PBJ Bars -- $3.00 ea
PB & Callibaut Chocolate Bars -- $3.50
Lemon Yogurt Cake (also in Lime and Orange) -- $12
Lemon Yogurt Cake w/Fresh Berries (Also in Lime and Orange) -- $15
Flourless Chocolate Cake -- $20
 Banana Layer Cake -- $35
 Chocolate Fudge Cake -- $30
Carrot Cake (with or without nuts) -- $25
Caramel Cake -- $35
all breakfast pastries are $2.50 ea or $28 a dozen
Cream Scones
Buttermilk Scones with Currants and Orange
Jam Biscuits—Mixed Berry or Apricot
TARTS – Advance Orders Only
Berry Tart -- $30
Chocolate Tart -- $35
Apple Tarte Tartin -- $30
Pear Tart -- $25
All Come in Mini-Tarts--$6 each
BIEROCKS – Advance Orders Only
All Bierocks are $5 ea or $60 a Dozen
Original:  Ground Beef & Cabbage
Served with Homemade Barbecue Dipping Sauce
Mediterranean:  Braised Lamb & Mixed Greens
Served with Homemade Tahini Dipping Sauce
Curry Chicken:  Curry Yogurt Chicken, Mint & Spinach
Served with Homemade Chutney
Veggie:  Mixed Greens
Served with Grain Mustard

All Shrubs are $7.00
and come in 7.5-8 ounce bottle
Pear Cardamom
Meyer Lemon & Thyme

*Citrus Yogurt Cakes are available as squares; all other cakes available as cupcakes
(filled or unfilled)
Stay tuned for more info on the marvelous treats Linda has in store for you.
Sweetheart Cakes
A sweet treat just for the two of you, these little cakes are big on flavor and words of romantic wisdom.  No more than 8-inches, this one tier, 6 layer dream comes in a variety of flavors and fillings to suit your sweet tooth (and warm your heart).
Dessert Buffets
A table full of fabulous desserts to tempt your guests and make them swoon.  Yes, it's the goal of creating a montage of luscious morsels meant to delight, transport and bring a taste of bliss to all those special people in your life.
Wedding Desserts
indulging with something divinely decadent makes your special day adds even more delicious sweetness to your romance.  Each dessert is decorated to suit your theme, colors and the emotion you wish to evoke on that day.  I'm a writer and a baker.  Your desserts will tell the story of your love, for sure.  Whether it's a whole buffet, a simple Sweetheart Cake or just a few bits of yum to add a wonderful sense of whimsy to your day, Pots & Pens will create something amazing for you that will fit your vision.